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31th August 2017

Centre CEPLANT is Large Research Infrastructure

The centre CEPLANT has been recognized within international evaluation procedure as the Large Research Infrastructure and it will be included in the Roadmap of Large Infrastructures for Research, Experimental Development and Innovation of the Czech Republic.

31th August 2017

3 new R&D projects approved for funding

The junior researchers of the centre CEPLANT has succeeded in national funding call of the Technology Agency in programme Zeta. From four submitted projects, three was successful.

The projects of applied research and experimental development will be realized under supervision of three companies and their results will be implemented into industry.

07th April 2017

Key Enabling Technologies (KET's)

We are pleased to announce that CEPLANT has became a Key Enabling Technologies (KET's) centre.

More information about CEPLANT availble from European Commission web.

More information about KET's availble from European Commission web.

Older news

24th February 2017

Business Research Forum 2017

The centre CEPLANT is participating the Business Research Forum at Masaryk University and you are welcome. The attending is for free.

Please, find more information and registration form on the Masaryk University website.

7th December 2016

Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

TAČR has published the plan for calls in 2017. We are looking forward to programme ZÉTA and EPSILON, which will be announced in March and April.The programme ZÉTA is dedicated for young researchers from R&D institution in order to transfer and share knowledge with companies. Programme EPSILON also aims at a close cooperation between R&D institutions and companies in order to realize the applied research projects.

More information can be find on TACR web page.

7th December 2016

OP EIC Application

New call Application has been announced by Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic within OP EIC under European Structural Funds. The main aim is to support research and development activities oriented to transfer the R&D results into industry. Feel free to contact us, we are highly experienced in this kind of projects - in preparation and also implementation. We are open to new cooperation.

More information can be find on API web page.

7th December 2016

New Projects

We are pleased to announce that the centre CEPLANT have obtained four new projects within Czech Science Foundation. The projects are dealing with

  • novel Fe-Al-based superalloys,
  • new approaches to the hybrid atomizers for atomic absorption and atomic fluorescence spectrometry,
  • physical activation of ceramic particles surface towards improved fine-grained advanced ceramics,
  • and UV halide optoelectronics.



2nd November 2016

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

New call has been announced by Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic within OP EIC. The aim is a strengthening cooperation and developing transfer knowledge between SME and university. The centre CEPLANT offers young talented researchers for working in an enterprise under supervision and support during project preparation and implementation.

  • Maximum budget is 3,5 mil. CZK (funding rate is 70%)
  • Maximum duration is 3 years
  • Deadline is 7. 2. 2017

More information can be find on API web page. If interested, contact us at info(at)

2nd November 2016

Innovation voucher

Great opportunity for research and innovation activities in SMEs in cooperation with the academic sphere is programme Innovation voucher (OP EIC). SME can purchase consulting and supporting services from R&D Centre CEPLANT, i.e. measurement, testing, construction prototype, etc. We can help you with a preparation of the project application.

More information can be find on API web page. If interested, contact us at info(at)

1st January 2016

HAKONE XV this year in Brno

You are cordially invited to HAKONE XV - High Pressure Low Temperature Plasma Chemistry Symposium, an international conference with long-lasting tradition, which brings together scientists and engineers from both of academic and industrial sphere. The Symposium provides a friendly forum for sharing knowledge and presenting the progress in work in the field of high pressure and low temperature plasma chemistry. The HAKONE XV will be held in Brno September 11th – 16th 2016.

More information and registration can be found on the conference website.

14th September 2015

Visit CEPLANT exhibition stand at MSV 2015

Centre CEPLANT exhibits at:

International Engineering Fair 2015 in Brno.

You can visit us from 14.9. to 18.9., 9-18h in the stand of Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic, pavilion Z/031.

15th January 2015

New equipment

New equipment has been delivered:

SIMS - Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry

by the company KORE Technology in the value of 12.707.420 CZK including VAT.


3rd June 2014

Virtual tours of CEPLANT laboratories

You can take a look at some of our laboratories here and here.

27th May 2014

The CEPLANT conference attracted more than 100 participants

CEPLANT conference is over. The organizers would like to thank to all participants for two nice conference days. Lectures and photographs from conference can be found here.

30th April 2014

New equipment

New equipment has been delivered, AFM - Atomic force microscope Ntegra Prima by the company NT-MDT in the value of 4.535.348,6 CZK including VAT.

For more information visit this webpage.

3rd May 2014

New equipment

New equipment has been delivered, UV-VIS-NIR Raman microspectro- meter LabRAM HR Evolution by the company HORIBA Scientific in the value of 6.954.867 CZK including VAT.

For more inforamtion visit this webpage.

2nd January 2014

New equipment

New equipment has been delivered, X-Ray difractometer SmartLab Projekt CEPLANT se rozhodl oslovit odbornou veřejnost a zájemce o moderní technologie v rámci Technického týdeníku a jeho speciální lednové přílohy. by the company Rigaku Innovative Technologies Europe s.r.o. in the value of 6.388.800 CZK including VAT.

For more inforamtion visit this webpage.

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