Magnetron Sputtering System

Magnetron sputtering system, custom build for CEPLANT by experienced French company Vinci Technologies is state-of-the-art multifunctional sputtering tool, highly-optimised for both performance and versatility of use. It is capable of depositing conducting and/or insulating layers of materials in sequence or simultaneously and is being utilized in both research and development in material science as well as for routine metallization, samples preparation etc. Reactive mode operation, substrate heating and bias, load-lock, computer control operation are internal part of the device.


Multi-target sputtering system designed for sputtering of single or multiple layers to circular substrate of size 6 inches in diameter or to smaller sample parts. The sputtering system enables to deposit conducting or insulating layer in sequence or simultaneously in co-sputtering deposition. The integrated load lock enables to introduce the samples without breaking the vacuum in the deposition chamber. The chamber accommodates 4 circular sputtering sources. The sources are adapted for 3 inches targets. Possibility to operate in balanced and unbalanced magnetic field configuration is accommodated. The deposition procedure is manual or controlled by computer via in advance created recipe and main deposition quantities are being logged and saved. Substrate holder (6 inches in diameter) allowing to be RF/DC biased while rotating, heating and depositing is accommodated. The substrate holder is capable to be heated in oxygen environment up to temperature at least 750 degree Celsius. 2 DC, 2RF, 1 p-DC power supplies are provided to sustain the magnetized plasma and provide substrate bias.


In situ stress monitoring enabling to in-situ determine the substrate curvature of radius 10 km is attached.

  • Preparation of wide range coatings (metals, oxides, nitrides, ceramics etc.) on wide range of substrates
  • The coatings can be deposited by sputtering using DC, p-DC, RF HIPIMS power source
  • The substrate can be Ar cleaned prior the deposition, the bias and heating can be applied during the deposition
  • Oxides or nitrides can be deposited either from compound targets or by reactive process controlled by fast-feedback system.
  • Precise monitoring of the stress evolution in the samples during annealing from room temperature up to 750 degree Celsius

Vacuum Coating Equipment

Vacuum coating deposition chamber is a home-made equipment build at Department of Physical Electronics. It enables to coat practically any type of substrate with various coatings, electric or dielectric. The chamber is equipped by holder for two vapouring elements and electron gun.


  • Coatings: Al, Au, Ag, Cu, Fe, Ni, Cr, ….
  • Vacuum system without oil vapours
  • Coating thickness: 5–1000nm
  • Vapouring elements: spiral or boat from W, Mo, Ta
  • Maximal current in vapouring element: 400A
  • Substrates: glass, ceramics, metals, plastics (max diameter 25 cm)


  • In-situ measurement of coating thickness by crystal oscillator

Parameters of electron gun:

  • Crucibles: W, Mo, Ta
  • Maximal power: 400W
  • Volume crucible: 0,25cm3


  • Conductive contacts
  • Protective coatings
  • Mirrors
  • Semi-transparent mirrors
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