Development and manufacturing of low-cost plasma sources

Our unique plasma generator is already widely recognized by the scientific and industrial community as the diffuse coplanar surface barrier discharge – DCSBD

The DCSBD is an atmospheric pressure plasma generator that operates in ambient air conditions. It generates diffuse surface plasma of a very high power density up to 150 W/cm3.

Upon your request, we can customize the DCSBD and embed it into any type of reactor available for the treatment of rigid or flexible samples.

For the treatment of flexible samples (e.g. polymer foils) our team have recently developed a cutting edge plasma source based on the DCSBD. Plasma is generated on a curved surface and it fits directly into roll-to-roll lines for surface treatment foils or finishing of coatings on foils.

We have more than 20 years of experience with atmospheric pressure plasma. We can assist you with any customizations needed of your own plasma source, design a new one or help to you to decide which plasma generator from a different supplier should be suitable for your application.

To learn more about the DCSBD, visit diffuse coplanar surface barrier discharge in the low-cost plasma section.

Deposition of thin films

We offer deposition of various hard and protective films by magnetron sputtering:

  • Preparation of wide range on coatings (metals, oxides, nitrides, ceramics etc.) on wide range of substrates
  • The coatings can be deposited by sputtering using DC, p-DC, RF of HIPIMS power source
  • The substrate can be Ar cleaned prior the deposition, the bias can be used during the deposition
  • Oxides or nitrides can be deposited either from compound targets or by reactive process controlled by fast-feedback system.
  • Coating can be prepared using HIPIMS (High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering) process
  • Modeling and diagnostics of the deposition process
  • Consultations service

Support in project applications

Project management team of centre CEPLANT offers to our customers and partners wide range of support in funding and grant possibilities for your R&D activities. Thanks to the huge experience in project preparation and implementation within national and international funding schemes, managers can provide you with the latest information about current calls for projects and find the best option for you in relation to the funding rate, risks vs. profits, demands on paperwork etc. Afterwards, they can guide you through the project application and submission process up to the project implementation.

The project managers have extensive knowledge of the actual R&D funding schemes on national level: Technology Agency and Grant Agency of Czech Republic, Ministry of Industry and Trade and Operational Programmes 2014-2020 (Research, Development and Education and Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness); and also on international level: cross-border initiatives Horizon 2020, EUROSTARS 2, SME instrument, INTERREG, INTER-EXCELLENCE etc. They can also share with you the practical aspects and best-practises regarding the funds and grants.

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