Low-cost plasma equipment

Our low-cost plasma solutions are based on a unique technology called diffuse coplanar surface barrier discharge – DCSBD.

Diffuse coplanar surface barrier discharge - DCSBD

DCSBD technology is capable of creating a thin layer of macroscopically uniform high-density plasma. Already successfully conducted laboratory tests have revealed the following unique properties of DCSBD plasma technology that clearly differentiate it from other plasma technologies:

  • The homogeneity of the DCSBD plasma increases with the discharge power density
  • The power density of the thin diffuse DCSBD plasma layer achieves the order of 100 W/cm3
  • The macroscopically uniform plasma with a high power density can be generated in any, even strongly electron-attaching, reactive gas mixture
  • The DCSBD plasma is mechanically robust and safe
  • DCSBD plasma is capable of meeting the on-line production requirements in textile and paper industries, particularly in the nonwovens industry
  • No noble gas admixtures (helium or argon) are needed to create homogeneous plasma with DCSBD technology
  • Excellent durability of DCSBD plasma surface activation
  • Commercially available via the spin-off company ROPLASS s.r.o. (ROBUST PLASMA SYSTEMS) 
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DCSBD plasma for the large-area roll-to-roll applications (non-woven fabrics)

The state of the art DCSBD plasma for large-area roll-to-roll applications (TYPE I) is a pilot line for surfaces of non-woven fabrics. 

  • The plasma system features 25 DCSBD plasma units operating at ambient air conditions; each at the power of 500 W.
  • The system is fully automatic and capable of 24/7 industrial operation. 

DCSBD plasma for the large-area roll-to-roll applications (PET foils)

The DCSBD plasma for large-area roll-to-roll applications (TYPE II) has been developed for fast large-area plasma pre-treatment of flexible materials, such as PET, PEN and paper.

  • This system features two plasma units for both sided treatment in ambient air.
  • We use the system for plasma-fabrication of nanostructured functional coatings in flexible and printed electronics.

DCSBD plasma for the large area roll-to-roll applications (Hydrogen plasma)

The DCSBD plasma for large-area roll-to-roll applications (TYPE III) features two plasma units enclosed in gas-sealed chambers allowing the operation of plasma units in various gas environments, particularly hydrogen and methane.


The DCSBD plasma for various A4-sized flexible surfaces

The DCSBD plasma for flexible surfaces is used to treat flexible samples with dimensions ranging from several cm2 up to A4-size.

  • The DCSBD plasma unit is located in close vicinity to a surface of the treated flexible surface that can be fixed on a dielectric roller with a diameter of 14.8 cm and a circumference of 92.95 cm.
  • CEPLANT uses the system to prepare materials for various applications such as photovoltaics, light-emitting devices and/or sensing systems on light-weight low-cost substrates.

The DCSBD plasma for treatment of glass surfaces

The DCSBD plasma for treatment of glass surfaces is a unique plasma treater capable both the handheld and inline treatment of large-area glass surfaces. 

  • The fine distance between DCSBD plasma unit and the glass surface is controlled by a system of air bearings.


The DCSBD plasma for A4-sized samples

The DCSBD plasma for A4-size samples enables various applications related to functionalisation of polymeric, glass and metals surfaces. Recently it has mainly been used for the treatment of wood, non-woven fabrics and applications related to agriculture.

The DCSBD plasma with the robotic arm for small samples

DCSBD plasma equipped with the robotic arm is used whenever high precision of process is needed.

  • It enables the study of the effect of the spatial distribution of the plasma and allows a precision of 0.02 mm.
  • We use this system to treat silicon wafers and metal surfaces.

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