Dušan Kováčik's visit at Laval Université in Canada

The leader of the Plasma Nanotechnologies and Bioapplications research group, Dušan Kováčik visits Laval Université in Québec, Canada. His trip aims to support the developing scientific cooperation with Prof. Gaetan Laroche's research group.

18 Jun 2024 Tereza Schmidtová

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Visit of Assoc. Prof. Dušan Kováčik at the Canadian Laval Université develops the newly established cooperation between the institutions, similar to the visit of Dr. Jacopo Profili in Brno at the end of January. The cooperation was initiated by Dr. Jakub Kelar, who is currently working in Prof. Geatan Laroche's group as an invited scientist. In Canada, he continues to work on atmospheric pressure plasma discharges and treatments as well as on the topic of renewable energy. You can read more about his research in Canada here.

At the Canadian university, Dušan Kováčik gave a lecture on the broad scope of CEPLANT's research topics. The lecture was organized by the CERMA (CENTRE DE RECHERCHE SUR LES MATÉRIAUX AVANCÉS). On this occasion, Dušan Kováčik also visited the laboratories at the CHU de Québec, Université Laval. He met and discussed with both scientists and students. He also spoke with Lucie Švandová, a student of Dr. Kelar, about her now-ending research internship. Lucia Švandová has been in Québec, since July last year.

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