Plasma Treatement of Casings for Meat Products

Casings for meat products are topic of focus for meat producers. They strive to make the products appealing even after being unwrapped. Scientists from CEPLANT use plasma and research a way to improve the properties of plastic sausage casings. Read more in the interview with Assoc. Prof. Dušan Kováčik.

4 Jun 2019

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CEPLANT scientists work on a Proof of Concept project. It aims to help verify or fine-tune a technology intended for the market. The objective is to optimize the plasma treatment of the material for meat casings. Scientists carry out a detailed study of the effects of plasma on plastic wraps, especially from the point of view of enhanced wettability, which usually indicates also better adhesion. The main goal is to make this method easy, cheap, and effective. The full interview with Assoc. Prof. Dušan Kováčik is available here.

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