Potential industrial use of nanofiber filter modifications

Nanofiber filters are a very current topic at this time. How do we manage to improve their production and durability through plasma treatment? Read more in the interview with dr. David Pavliňák.

8 Jan 2021

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CEPLANT scientists have devised a technique that facilitates the production of nanofibre mask filters. Now, with the help of a grant from the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR), they are verifying how the plasma-treated surface of the filter handles temperature fluctuations, storage, and other "pitfalls" of commercial production. For more, read the interview with our colleague dr. David Pavliňák, a research and development worker at the CEPLANT Centre and coordinator of the project dealing with the modification of nanofiber filters for industrial use. The full interview is available here.

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